Days after Chris Pine decided not to accept director Joe Carnahan's offer toco-star with George Clooney in White Jazz but accept the role ofCaptain Kirk in the next Star Trek movie instead, Clooney has alsoquit the project. In a statement, Grant Heslov, Clooney's producing partner,blamed scheduling problems. However, today's (Tuesday) Los AngelesTimes, reporting on Clooney's departure, commented, "Well-connectedHollywood wags think that the faltering fortunes of Michael Claytonmight have had a little to do with Clooney getting cold feet about jumpinginto a period noir piece, the last few of which -- Hollywoodland andBlack Dahlia -- have bombed at the box office." On his official blogCarnahan said that he intended to perform a "full court press" to find areplacement and indicated that the man he has in mind would be "perfect totake over the role." Carnahan added: "I want this movie really, really bad.BAD. And I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth to pull it off."