The popular I.T Crowd actor Chris ODowd, who also starred in hit film Bridesmaids, is due to co-write and star in a new Bbc comedy based on the documentary style of Spinal Tap. The show will air in the US on HBO and will be called Family Tree, the Bbc report.
O'Dowd will play the part of Tom Chadwick who begins looking into his past to remedy his identity crisis, brought about by his recent unemployment and failure to find love. It's a classic character, and an underdog that audiences will love to root for. Filmmaker Christopher Guest is swapping the big screen for the small screen, and will be hoping to translate his comical style in a new 8-part series, which will draw on the successful style of his 1984 comedy. Executive editor for the Bbc Chris Sussman said: "We are all ludicrously excited about the opportunity to work with Christopher Guest. He has British roots but this is his first ever project over here, and we are very pleased to have it on the Bbc."
This will come as welcome news to both fans of This Is Spinal Tap and documentary-style comedies like The Office. Whilst the character of Tom Chadwick appears to bear similarities to Roy, O'Dowd's character in U.K hit series, The I.T Crowd, the role will give the Irish actor a chance to stretch his acting abilities, but remain comfortable in a comedy role.