Chris O'Dowd is terrified by female attention.

The 33-year-old Irishman became an unlikely sex symbol after starring as Officer Rhodes in comedy 'Bridesmaids' and joked having women thrown themselves at him made him so uncomfortable, he married within the year.

Asked what he thought about being a sex symbol, Chris - who tied the knot with Dawn Porter in August 2012 - said: ''While it's nothing that I thought would ever be part of my oeuvre, I will say that it's kind of fun. As soon as I saw that I was getting any sort of response like that after 'Bridesmaids', I found the prospect so terrifying that I was married within the year.''

While women are attracted to Chris after seeing him in 'Bridesmaids', he admitted he has had a different reaction from the opposite sex after his guest stint on HBO's 'Girls'.

He told People magazine: ''If they are 'Bridesmaids' fans, women try to set me up with their sister. I know they are 'Girls' fans if they call me a douche and walk away.''