The Sex and the City star, who featured on the original Law & Order series, admits he didn't think much of the TV spin-off when creator DICk Wolf first presented the idea to Mariska, and he was convinced it would be a bad career move for his pal.

"I shouldn't give advice, ever," Noth confessed on U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly, before recalling his blunder. "She may not remember this, but... DICk Wolf had us go to a baseball game and he invited Mariska and was going to offer (her) this part on Special Victims.

"I remember being on the subway on the way (to the game), and she goes, 'I don't know whether to do this. What's Law & Order?' And I was like 'Don't do it... I wouldn't do it...'"

Instead, Chris, 61, suggested Mariska hone her talents in "regional theatre", but he's thankful she had the sense to go with her gut about the project.

Acknowledging just how bad his advice was, Noth quipped Law & Order: SVU is the "longest running show ever", joking, "Not many people listen to me!"

Mariska has since become a TV icon for her role as Detective Olivia Benson, and the show will return for its 18th season later this month (Sep16).

The original Law & Order show was cancelled in 2010 following its 20th season.