Chris Noth hated that 'Sex and the City' over-glamorised New York City.

The 58-year-old actor - who starred as the character Mr Big in the 90s comedy drama - likes the idea the long-running television programme was able to bring out the funny side to intimate relationships, but wasn't keen on the way the Big Apple was portrayed.

Speaking to Huffington Post, he said: ''It's [the film's] positive legacy was to bring humour to all female/male relationships and humour to the politics of sex. The negative was its overemphasis on the glamorisation of New York City.''

The hunky actor believes the 2012 drama 'Girls' - which has been compared to 'Sex and the City' - creates a more practical representation of the US city than the upmarket characters of his show.

He said: ''I think 'Sex and the City,' like I said, glamorised New York and the city almost remade itself in that image, which I find to be really boring. And I think 'Girls' is more realistic about the city.''

The star also believes modern women's fashion is centered around alluring men rather than flattering their figures.

He explained: ''There's a lot of fashion that's not sexy; it's just there to be provocative. But it's not sexy. A woman in a white shirt and jeans can be sexy and it may not be provocative fashion.''