After Chris Moyles announced that he'll be leaving his position as host of Bbc Radio 1's breakfast show thoughts are now turning towards what this actually means for the 38 year-old, with the DJ still having a contract that runs through until 2014. Nick Grimshaw has already been announced his replacement, and will be taking on the show from September, but as for Moyles? There could be a chance that he'll move to Radio 2, like so many others, or even be snapped up by a wealthy commercial station.
The producer of his breakfast show, Ben Cooper, is convinced that he'll remain on Radio 1 though. Cooper said "I've got an idea of a new role for him on the station. Maybe we'll surprise people again in a short time." The producer continued that he was confident Moyles would stay, saying "I think so because I think he's a phenomenal broadcaster. He did eight-and-a-half years and I would rather he went out on top of his game and he will do that at the end of September. Then it's time for Chris to reinvent himself and to open up a new chapter."
Rumours are that Moyles has been forced out of his slot on the station because of Radio 1's new effort to bring in younger DJ's to attract younger audiences. It's something Cooper denied, though the fact Grimshaw is only 27 - two years younger than when Moyles started the show back in 2004 - somewhat muddies that.