Chris Moyles has confirmed that he'll be leaving his position as presenter of BBC Radio One's breakfast show after more than eight years as the voice of the flagship three and a half hour slot. Moyles announced the news in his own typical style on the show, saying "We're off. I wanted to let you know. A couple more months of us, then it's someone else's turn. Thank you for listening." His producer Ben Cooper commented "I'd like to thank Chris. Quite simply he's been the most successful breakfast show host in Radio 1 history. He's done it for more than eight and half years and he's been fantastic." Moyles has been a divisive figures but there's no denying his success, winning two Sony Awards and, at his high point, attracting 11.8 million listeners to his show.

His replacement has some big shoes to fill, and it's been revealed that the task will fall to Nick Grimshaw to take up the mantle. Who? Have a look below:

1. "Grimmers", as he is sometimes known, first really came to prominence on the TV channel E4, crossing over to Channel 4 in 2007 to host the daily breakfast show 'Freshly Squeeze' alongside Alexa Chung and then Jameela Jamil. The success of the latter pair together meant that they went on to host coverage of festival shows, film premieres and live music features for the channel.

2. That success led him to host their main teen demographic program T4, something he still does, providing continuity links between the shows.

3. Grimshaw expanded further beyond that and hosted other shows for Channel 4 rather than just those aimed for their weekend teenage market, including 'New Look Style The Nation' which saw hopeful fashion designers compete for a job at 'New Look Magazine'.

4. Grimshaw joined the BBC's Radio team when becoming part of their youth strand 'Switch' in 2005, presenting the show with Annie Mac. He moved up in the ranks in 2008 when hosting the station's weekend breakfast show. His current slot is 10pm-midnight weekdays, whilst he's been the main stand in for SCOTT MILLS afternoon show when Mills has been away.

5. Grimshaw is known for his partying lifestyle, often being snapped out in the clubs of London late at night. He'll have to put an end to that if he's starting at 6am every morning.