A galaxy of stars including Chris Martin, Will Young and Beverley Knight are backing a British campaign urging young voters to take part in next month's (MAY05) General Election - because they're disgusted by the widespread political apathy among their fans.

Coldplay frontman Martin is thrilled British newspaper The Sun has launched the ROCK THE VOTE campaign, because he's terrified politicians will become more corrupt unless people demonstrate their interest in politics by voting.

And Young and Knight have reminded British women not to waste their votes, because the Suffragettes fought for the right for females to take part in the elections.

Martin says, "I think that by voting, you show you care. It's when politicians think we don't care they do the craziest things."

Young adds, "We've been given the freedom of choice. If you want to be heard and try to make a difference you must vote."

Knight agrees, "Whatever you do, make sure you vote. You've got to do what's right by exercising what people like the Suffragettes have fought for."

19/04/2005 13:41