Chris Martin has duplicated Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke's idea to compare his band to the UNITED NATIONS (UN) - and Martin insists he would represent the military might of America.

The COLDPLAY singer-turned-political campaigner admits he steals many ideas from Yorke - and this is one of his favourites, as he knows exactly which powerful country each member of Coldplay would be.

Martin says, "Thom Yorke once drew a parallel between his band and the UN, and he said, 'Well, I'm America.'

"And with our band, I'm America. Jonny (BUCKLAND) is definitely China: actually more intelligent and better than me; he just doesn't talk as much.

"GUY (BERRYMAN) is probably Italy or Spain: somewhere you have a good time that adds the artistic creativity.

"And WILL (CHAMPION) is definitely Russia: hardcore, solid, hard to win over, but once won, loyal as royal.

"It's a very good parallel. And not the first thing we've stolen from Radiohead."

03/06/2005 17:46