Chris Martin asked Jamie Oliver to teach wife Gwyneth Paltrow to cook.

The 36-year-old Coldplay frontman got in touch with the celebrity chef in order to give the actress, 40, - who is author to a number of cook books including 'Notes from my Kitchen Table' and 'It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great' - a lesson as a birthday present.

Jamie, 38, told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I know Gwyneth because her husband Chris rang and asked if I'd give her a cookery lesson for her birthday.

''I'm a big Coldplay fan, and Gwyneth's a lovely woman, so it was a done deal.''

The pair spent the afternoon producing a delightful duck ragu which Gwyneth later included in her own 2010 cookbook, 'My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family And Togetherness'.

He explained: ''I spent the afternoon cooking in her kitchen, we made a slow-roasted duck ragu. And then a bunch of her friends came around to eat it.''

The blonde beauty, who turned 40 on September 27 last year, was spotted celebrating the occasion in style dining out at Italian restaurant Elio in New York City.