Chris Martin backtracked on his promise to "reinvent the wheel" with Coldplay's next album when he realised his band would be foolish to dramatically alter their winning songwriting style.

Following Coldplay's headline performance at the 2003 V Festival in England, singer Martin pledged to bury their "soft rock" sound and work on an album of songs which would cement their status as pioneers of music.

However, with the impending release of their long-awaited third LP X+Y, Martin has been forced to explain why he changed his mind.

He says, "I realised that you can only really reinvent your own wheel and the main thing to me was that our wheel was our songs.

"We've written a bunch of songs now that are pushing us further than we've ever been before and so in terms of our point of view we have done it.

"In terms of the wider world, we haven't worked out how to make a new instrument or a new time signature but it's not all about bleeps and squeaks."

22/04/2005 09:09