Chris Martin is set to make an appearance in 'Modern Family'.

The Coldplay frontman has signed up to take on a substantial role in an upcoming episode of the hit ABC sitcom named 'Brushes With Celebrity', which is due to air later this month on November 29.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 40-year-old musician will be playing himself, but sources insist the appearance isn't a mere cameo, as they claim he'll have a fairly ''beefy'' role.

The premise of the episode revolves around the Dunphy family - including mother Claire (Julia Bowen), dad Phil (Ty Burrell), and children Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter), and Luke (Nolan Gould) - recounting their stories of run-ins with famous people.

No other guest appearances have yet been confirmed for the episode, but more celebrities are expected to have a role in the episode.

For the 'Hymn For The Weekend' hitmaker, it comes as one of many times he has played himself on-screen, having most famously appeared in a 2006 episode of 'Extras', where he portrayed a slightly crass, self-promotional, drumstick-loving version of himself.

Chris' scenes in 'Modern Family' have already been filmed, and he appears on-screen with Ty Burrell's Phil, who is recounting to his family the story of the time he suffered an awkward ''health issue'' while trying to sell the rocker a house.

Other celebrities might not have been confirmed yet, but earlier this month Victoria Beckham visited the set of the show with her brood after Jesse Tyler Ferguson - who plays Mitchell Pritchett on the show - ran into her outside an exercise class and offered to show her around backstage.

He said: ''I ran into Victoria Beckham and her lovely husband David outside of a SoulCycle class.

''They were like, 'We love the show, can we take a picture with you for our kids?' I was like, 'If you want to come by the set, you certainly can.' I gave her my number and was like, 'She's never gonna text me'.

''I get out of my SoulCycling class and there are like nine texts from Victoria Beckham, just like 'When are we going! Why aren't you answering?! Pick up your phone! I want to come by the set.''