PET SHOPS BOYS star CHRIS LOWE is desperate to hear Dr Dre's revenge song about the British pop duo, after they alluded to his rapper pal Eminem on their last album.

Lowe and gay bandmate Neil Tennant alluded to the hip-hop star in THE NIGHT I FELL IN LOVE on their 2002 album RELEASE, after they were disgusted by Eminem's homophobic lyrics.

The lyrics from The Night I Fell In Love read, "Then he joked/Hey man, your name isn't Stan, is it?/We should be together/I asked why have I heard so much about you being charged with homophobia and stuff, and he just shrugged."

Lowe says, "Dr Dre said he would kill us if he heard it, which of course we took as a huge compliment. He doesn't go around killing just anybody, does he? Apparently he has a song demoed for his current album in which we both get killed - I can't believe he didn't put it on the album.

"I'm gutted. I think we were either shot, or knocked down by a car he was driving. I think I'd rather be shot by Eminem than run over, it would be more sexual.