Comedian Chris Kattan has been sentenced to serve three years on probation following a Dui arrest in February (14).

The former Saturday Night Live funnyman, 43, was busted after driving his Mercedes through a coned-off area of a California freeway and colliding with an official state transportation vehicle.

He pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence in March (14), and the case returned to court this week (begs11Aug14), when Kattan was handed probation for the incident and told to complete a three-month alcohol addiction program and attend over 100 Narcotics Anonymous classes.

He has also been banned from driving with any drugs in his system that he does not hold a prescription for, and ordered to pay restitution for the car crash, reports

A hearing, scheduled for 16 September, will determine how much Kattan will have to pay for damage he caused to the Caltrans vehicle.