Rocker/actor Chris Isaak is convinced he'll stun music fans when his interview with Yusuf Islam airs on his new TV show THE CHRIS ISAAK HOUR - because the Muslim convert isn't as "stuffy" as his reputation suggests.
Isaak was thrilled when the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens agreed to make a rare TV appearance on his show - and he was stunned when the Muslim convert agreed to sing old hit I Love My Dog to his manager's pooch.
Isaak says, "His first hit was I Love My Dog and I said, 'Will you play some of it for the dog?' - and he did!
"I think people have this idea that Cat Stevens is very stuffy or uptight because he's a religious guy now, and so you can't joke about anything. He's funny and he was a lot of fun to have on the show."
And bachelor Isaak admits he learned a thing or two about marriage from his guest: "I asked him if his mother picked out his wife and when he gave the answer he was pretty legitimate, because we have all these ideas about how you're supposed to pick a wife or be in love - but mostly they don't work. Let's face it, half the marriages go down the toilet.
"I said to Cat, 'There might be more marriages that worked if people went to their parents and asked them, 'What do you think of these people?' Nowadays, people go, 'What time does the bar close? You want to get married?'"