Chris Hemsworth gets ''really embarrassed'' when Elsa Pataky tells their children off in public.

The Spanish actress - who has daughter India, six, and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, four, with the 'Thor' star - admitted she can be ''loud'' so her remonstrations can attract a lot of attention when they're out in Australia.

She told Women's Health magazine: ''Everybody here, when they tell off their kids, they're like [whispering] but we are totally opposite.

''We are loud and sometimes Chris gets really embarrassed. He's like, 'Stop it, everyone's looking at us.' ''

The 'Fast and The Furious' star believes Hollywood has changed and is now more welcoming towards actors with international accents, citing Israeli actress Gal Gadot as a good example.

She said: ''I feel like when I got to LA nobody would hire you unless you were playing the Spanish character. Now, it's getting so much better.

''Like Wonder Woman, she has an accent - she's Israeli - and that's amazing. (Gal) is a friend of mine and I was like 'It wouldn't have been possible years ago'. And now people are more interested in female characters, no matter what your age.''

While Elsa hates ''extreme'' diets, she sometimes ends up fasting - but doesn't realise it as it's just because she's so busy.

She said: ''I hate extremes in everything, so I always love to kind of be in the middle. I learned a lot about macrobiotics, but I need other things, also. You have to find what your body craves and what is good for it...For a while everyone was like 'no carbs' which I think is a big mistake...

''Because of the kids and the run in the morning, you end up not eating anything - you have to get their stuff and their clothes and everything. Chris is like, 'You're fasting' and I'm like, 'I'm not,' and then I realise at 12pm, 'Whoa, I haven't eaten anything!' ''

The full interview appears in the March issue of Women's Health, which goes on sale February 5.