Chris Hemsworth couldn't wait to work with Tessa Thompson again.

The 35-year-old actor was excited to team up with the 35-year-old actress on 'Men In Black: International' again after previously working on 'Thor: Ragnarok' together.

Asked if it was easy to say yes to working with Tessa again, he said: ''Absolutely. Yes. It was early conversations of 'Who's the girl? What are we doing?' She was at the top of the list and I said, Fantastic, we'll pick where we left off and letting both of us do something different than the dynamic in that film, the difference in chemistry. I think the script dictated that but also we achieved that. So it's been a lot of fun. A lot of the time when you work with a co-star you spend sometimes the first half of the shoot getting to know each other and so to not have to do that is always a huge relief.''

Chris also opened up about the dynamic between the pair's characters in the 'Men In Black' movie and how they are ''pitched pretty far apart'' to begin with.

Speaking to, he added: ''We certainly want to have the characters pitched pretty far apart and be opposites so there's a lot more fun to be had there of figuring out that conflict of how to traverse that relationship and trying to get on the same page and missing constantly. It's a fun dynamic to play through in this part of the film. My character certainly does things his own way and is reckless in his approach. He certainly doesn't take advice from others, he works alone usually, and then in this particular instance they've teamed up together outside of either of their first choice. I think she'd probably rather be saddled with someone a little more on book, but as I said it gives us somewhere to go and gives us a nice arc.''