Chris Hemsworth ''singed'' his eyebrows while filming '12 Strong'.

The 34-year-old actor did his own stunts in the new military drama and has admitted that sometimes things got a little too close for comfort.

He said: ''You could feel the heat [from the pyrotechnics] on your neck.

''I think a few hairs got singed. One of my eyebrows is slightly shorter than the other.''

The Australian star found it most scary being on horseback during the movie, because he and his co-stars had no idea how the animals would react to explosions.

He told heat magazine: ''Nicolai [Fulsgig, director] wanted this to be as real as possible. But how much can you ever prepare an animal for an explosion?

''We were all prepared, with our earplugs and all that, but we're on these horses, some of whom were surprisingly chilled, but some were definitely unnerved and freaked out.

''I certainly had this ongoing fear of my horse just, all of a sudden, bolting and breaking my neck in the process.

''We were prepared for that but it added a very authentic layer of fear - for me anyway.''

Chris' on-screen wife in the movie is played by his real life spouse, Elsa Pataky - the mother of his kids India, five, and three-year-old Tristan and Sasha - and not only did they find it easy to work together, they enjoyed having a break from their kids.

He said: ''It was certainly one of the easiest working relationships I've encountered, but we've had a lot of preparation. Seven years of marriage, so we were prepared.

''We knew what we were doing - it wasn't about working together, it was about getting some enforced alone time. Three kids under six is not easy.

''We spend very little time together as a twosome and parents need that.

''We need that space, if only for the briefest of moments, which I know sounds bad, but it's the truth. We did it to get a break!''