Chris Hemsworth suffers from ''anxiety'' because of his phone.

The 34-year-old actor is filled with an overwhelming feeling of unease when he's using his mobile device, likening it to the impact of using drugs or alcohol.

Of his anxiety, the Australian hunk explained: ''Like meeting your girlfriend at a bus stop, sparking a conversation like, 'Hi, where are you from?' Instead, now, you're on your phone.

''I don't know about you, but I find my phone gives me a fair bit of anxiety. When you get a text, the dopamine released in your brain is like a drug.

''It's the same reaction that you might have to cocaine or alcohol or whatever - when you see it, it releases something.''

Chris - who has three-year-old sons Tristan and Sasha, as well as five-year-old daughter India with his wife Elsa Pataky - believes social media is the main cause of his unease.

He explained to GQ Australia magazine: ''In the past, our information sources had all sorts of ends - a newspaper comes to the end, it's finished. You stop. A book, there's a finishing point or there's a chapter. But Instagram, it's an endless feed. Facebook, it's endless. The news is endless. This is now the danger. We don't stop because there are no ends - there's nothing to limit your usage and you don't get to the bottom. That's the problem.

''Don't have your phone next to your bed for starters. Don't take it to dinner, because you're not giving anyone your attention anymore.

''I prefer the efficiency of phone calls. With texts, the back and forth pulls me away from the kids and what I'm doing. Not to say I don't do it. But as a society, we're close to not communicating verbally anymore.''

In fact, Chris revealed he's even been urging his fellow 'Avengers' to spend less of their time on their phones while on the set of the new superhero movie, 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

He shared: ''I was on the 'Avengers' set the other week with the 'Guardians [of the Galaxy]' guys. There was a circle of people sitting on their phones so I was like, 'Hey, remember when we used to talk to each other?'

''Chris Pratt gets up and goes, 'F**k. I know, man. It's f***ed, isn't it?' And he throws his phone down.''