Chris Hemsworth placed ''two snickers bars'' in his daughter's shoes so she could ride a rollercoaster.

The 35-year-old actor - who has six-year-old India and five-year-old twins Sasha and Tritan with wife Elsa Pataky - attempted to ''beat the system'' when his little girl was told she wasn't tall enough to ride the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland and his chocolate boosting-trick was enough to get the youngster accepted onto the attraction.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', he recalled: ''I took my kid, a couple of years ago, it was previously called the Tower of Terror or something and she wasn't tall enough and she was really upset and I though 'No forget this come here'.

''So we grabbed a couple of snickers bars and slammed them in the back of her shoe so I propped her up, walked up and was like 'What about now' and they were like 'OK in you come'.''

However, while the 'Avengers: Endgame' actor was originally proud of what he'd done, he quickly realised there was a reason why his little girl wasn't allowed on the ride.

He continued: ''So, we're sitting in the chair and this thing is, I dunno, hundreds of feet high and whatever. We're at the top and I'm looking at her and she's strapped in and the seat it's massive on her and I'm like 'We beat the system honey well done' and it drops and she [flies up] and I grab on to her and she's screaming the whole way down. So maybe there's a reason that there's a height size. So, don't do that. She's fine, she's well. I'm her hero.''

When Chris was shooting the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe film 'Thor: Ragnarok', one of the blockbuster's most famous lines was created by a child who was visiting the set.

He added: ''When we were shooting 'Thor: Ragnarok' we had a young kid on set who was unwell at the time and had come to visit.

''We were shooting this scene with Hulk and Thor in the arena and it was right when I was talking to the Hulk and I was saying ' Oh my god it's you! Where have you been?' and he was on the sideline and he was like, 'When you look up at Loki at the crowd, say he's a friend from work!'

''The kid gave us that line and it became one of the best lines.''