Chris Hemsworth is obsessed with ''board shorts''.

The 34-year-old actor has a ''strange kind of addiction'' to the swimwear item, and the Australian hunk has admitted he has always been ''very particular'' with what style of shorts he used to wear.

Speaking to The National Online, the 'Thor' star said: ''My wife says I have more board shorts than most females have shoes. I have a strange kind of addiction to them.

''Growing up, I never thought about fashion too much. No, maybe that's not true. I was very particular about what board shorts I wore, or what T-shirt.''

And Chris - who has five-year-old daughter India and three-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha with his spouse - thinks it is a ''real luxury'' he is able to wear ''beautiful clothes'' because of his job.

He continued: ''But to be able to wear beautiful clothes because of my work is a real luxury.''

However, Chris ''always'' has to get his suits tailored to fit his muscular body.

He explained: ''When it comes to suits, it's got to be comfortable, so the material can't be too heavy and stiff. It's got to have enough strength to it that it doesn't wrinkle up and get crumpled. I think it's about having a great tailor. Because there are not many, if any, suits that fit me off the rack, I always have to have them tailored. I do like dressing up for an event or premiere, but at home, it's board shorts, T-shirts and tank tops.''

Not only has 'The Avengers' heartthrob always been a fan of board shorts, but he has also been a regular customer at Hugo Boss, as the first fragrance he ever wore was Hugo Boss Man.

Chris - who is the brand ambassador for the labels new Boss Bottled scent - said: ''This is not a line; this is the truth. The first fragrance I ever wore was given to me by my mum when I was 16, and it was by Hugo Boss. It was Hugo Man - the one with the green lid.''