Chris Hemsworth has a ''healthy competitive'' relationship with his brothers.

The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' actor admits he and actor siblings Liam and Luke Hemsworth always want to be the best when they take part in sport, but they try to be supportive when it comes to career matters.

He said: ''We have a healthily competitive relationship in everything - as brothers do. Whereas with [acting], all three of us are so aware of the instability of it all and how much is up to chance. It's far more of a supportive relationship [we have in acting] than backyard football, or surfing, or whatever else we do in our free time.''

Before he landed the lead role in 'Thor', Chris' brother Liam was also up for the part and he admits it was a ''strange'' situation because had spent so much time helping his sibling prepare for the final auditions.

He told Prestige Hong Kong magazine: ''It was never at the same time and, to be honest, we've auditioned for a lot of different things and a lot of the same parts over the years.

''That [time] was strange because it came right down to the wire. I was no longer involved in the audition process - I was set aside. It was Liam or a couple of other guys who were going to get it, so I was helping him run through the stuff. Then I got a call, and suddenly I was back in it and Liam was helping me! So it was a bit of a team effort.''