Chris Hemsworth didn't need to live like a playboy off screen to play James Hunt in 'Rush'.

The 30-year-old actor stars in the new biopic as the British Formula One legend and he has joked he was hoping director Ron Howard was going to ask him to do some method acting to master the part.

Quizzed on whether director Howard pushed for him to adopt a wild lifestyle before and during filming, he joked: ''Oh yeah, it was all about me getting drugs and alcohol and hitting up the town. No, I wish he did!''

The Hollywood hunk used some of his own life experiences to help shape his character, however, he admits he has become far more responsible since becoming a dad to 15-month-old India Rose, his daughter with Elsa Pataky.

He told ShortList magazine: ''There were plenty of things I could draw upon [from my own life] to play James, but not to his extreme. After having a kid, you realise it's not all about you anymore. If I do something stupid it affects other people.''