Chris Hemsworth was among the 'Avengers' stars who've heaped praise on Robert Downey Jr on his handling of the key role in the film, admitting that without him the movie wouldn't have been what it was. 'The Avengers' has been a smash success worldwide at box offices, with the U.S. release still to come - and many predict that come Monday (May 7, 2012) the film will have grossed as much as $400 million in all territories.
A great deal of that has come down to Downey Jr and the resurrection of his hugely popular portrayal of Marvel comic character Iron Man. Asked whether the others minded that Downey Jr was undoubtedly the focal point of this gathering of Marvel heroes, Hemsworth said "I think we all preferred it to be honest. When you do your individual films the responsibility rests on your shoulders whereas, this, you get to share the workload. And I'm happy to do that any day. It makes it much easier."
Hemsworth wasn't the only one either; Chris Evans also poured on the praise, saying "I kind of give a lot of credit to Downey. He's kind of the father of this group. If he hadn't done so well with those 'Iron Man' movies, I don't think this movie would have happened." The 30-year-old thespian continued: "He came to the set with such a positive attitude and has such a great demeanor. We all kind of fell in line as a result of his disposition. He's just an amazing guy and he made it a really family atmosphere right away."