Chris Evans believes his ex-wife Billie Piper has found her ''forever partner''.

The actress has been in a relationship with the former 'Tribes' frontman Johnny Lloyd - with whom she has daughter Tallulah, nine months - since 2016 and her ex-husband radio host Chris has heaped praise on his ex's new man.

Speaking on his Virgin Radio breakfast show, Chris said: ''Johnny, who I know you love to death. Who is hopefully your forever partner. I think he's probably got a good chance having met him and see the two of you together. And Tallulah, your gorgeous new baby.''

Meanwhile, Chris had confessed that he had no idea that Billie was making an appearance on the programme until he saw her name outside..

He told her, ''I didn't even know you were coming on until I arrived this morning and saw your name on the board outside,'' before adding she had been booked ''yesterday afternoon''.

The duo also complimented each other on their appearance, as Billie praised his trademark glasses, to which he replied: ''You look great too, through my specs.''

And Billie had previously confessed she was ''worried'' about having a daughter, after having two sons - Winston, 10, and Eugene, seven - with her ex-husband Laurence Fox.

She said: ''I always worried about having a little girl. I was delighted and relieved, frankly, when I knew I was having boys. And I've adored having sons. I have been constantly surprised by them - how emotional, sensitive and thoughtful they are.

''The problem with men begins with the raising of boys, in my opinion. We are too quick to shut them down as children and tell them to be strong when they feel vulnerable; to shame them and yet give them a false sense of entitlement. This has contributed to the creation of a man's world and one I didn't want for my daughter.''