Chris Evans thinks it is ''tough'' to date anyone who's not in the industry.

The 'Captain America: Civil War' star admits there is a ''certain shared life experience'' between himself and his fellow actors, actresses and filmmakers and feels it is difficult for others to fully understand this.

He told the new issue of Esquire magazine: ''There's a certain shared life experience that is tough for someone else who's not in this industry to kind of wrap their head around.

''Letting someone go to work with someone for three months and they won't see them. It really, it certainly puts the relationship to the test.''

It comes after the 35-year-old actor split from comedienne and actress Jenny Slate after nine months together.

A source said at the time: ''It was completely amicable and a mutual decision due to conflicting schedules and they remain very close friends.''

The pair had largely kept their relationship out of the spotlight but Jenny once admitted Chris was her ''dream boyfriend''.

She said: ''It's kind of like I got my dream seventh grade boyfriend. We didn't know each other growing up, but we grew up about half an hour away from each other. We've been friends for a while, and, yeah.''

Chris joined Jenny at the premiere of her movie 'The Secret Life of Pets', something she was glad about as it made it easier to have someone who ''knows'' how premieres work and understands the demands of her job alongside her.

She added: ''I haven't really had a large premiere before, so it's nice to have someone who knows how it goes.''

And Chris previously confessed his ideal woman would have a great bottom.

Asked if he'd prefer a woman to send him a picture of her breasts, bottom or face, he said: ''I'm way, way, way more of an ass man, clearly more of an ass man. Just so everyone knows. I like butts. [So] I guess a butt pic ...

''I would probably ask for her number at first. But let's say we met at 10, and I left the bar at 11 and I sent her a text at 11:30 saying, 'Hey, it was great to meet you.' And she responds, 'Yeah, you too.' And at 3 a.m. there's another text [from her], right away it's a little bit of a bummer.''