Chris Evans almost passed on 'Captain America' because of the impact it would have on his life.

The 32-year-old actor has a six-picture deal to portray the Marvel superhero and admits he had concerns about playing such a prominent role in a major franchise because he would lose ''control'' of his future.

He told 'Access Hollywood': ''There's a certain apprehension initially.

''When you do movies one at a time, there's a certain level of control you have in your career. With a six-picture contract, if one of these movies comes out, there's a positive response and as a result your personal life and your level of anonymity is altered.

''You may potentially need an opportunity to retreat and regroup. And if you have this contract, you may not be afforded that chance.''

The 'Avengers' star admitted some of his concerns came down to how his future plans might be affected as he would be committed to the project for several years.

He added: ''The fear was you're making a decision for six, seven, eight years of your life and who can tell what we're gonna want tomorrow.

''I don't think anybody knows what they're gonna want tomorrow. And signing up for that and the commitment was just intimidating, and I was pretty content with my career at that point.''

However, Chris changed his mind after seeking advice from friends and is glad he listened to them.

He said: ''Every time I kind of backed away, it kind of kept coming back, and eventually it almost took a shift in my mentality where it felt [like] maybe this is what I should do.

''And I've talked to a lot of people about this. They say, 'Whatever scares you, jump in. If that's what you're afraid of, lean into it,' and it just kind of shifted in my brain and it just felt like, 'You know what? Maybe this is exactly what I should do!'

''In retrospect, if I hadn't done it, I [would have] been kicking myself. It was the best thing I could've done.''