Former middleweight champion Chris Eubank has been declared bankrupt for outstanding debts amounting to $2.34 million (GBP1.3 million).

The eccentric British boxer, who has starred in his own reality TV show At Home With The Eubanks, blames his financial ruin on poor advisers during his successful sporting career.

Eubank earned in excess of $18 million (GBP10 million) in the ring in the early 1990s but a string of expensive lawsuits and a luxurious lifestyle have since drained his coffers.

Some of his more minor debts include a $810 (GBP450) bill for making off with a workman's lorry which was blocking his way, and a $2,520 (GBP1,400) restaurant meal.

Eubank, 39, said last night (23NOV05), "Over the years, I wish I had taken better advice.

"I appreciate this was my responsibility. I've made mistakes.

"Now I want to put this behind me and get on with my life."