Little-known actor Chris Diamantopoulos (corr) has been chosen to bring Robin Williams' beloved TV alien MORK back to the small-screen for a new TV special.

The colourful American will play funnyman Williams as the sitcom star in BEHIND THE CAMERA: MORK + MINDY.

Diamantopoulos admits the drama, which will focus on Williams' drug problems away from the camera while he made the TV show in the 1980s, has been both a joy and a nightmare for him.

He says, "It's an honour to be playing him (Williams) and it's a little terrifying as well. He's a freaking genius."

Williams is flattered by the TV tribute, which details one of the most painful periods of his life, but he insists he won't be watching when the special airs this summer (05).

06/03/2005 10:38