Rocker Chris Daughtry has filed suit against his old bandmates in a bid to establish himself as the sole writer of tracks recorded before rising to fame.

The Daughtry frontman, who scored his big breakthrough in early 2006 after reaching the American Idol finals, previously worked with a group called Absent Element and recorded a seven-song album, titled Uprooted, with ex-members Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark Perry.

His three old pals filed a copyright registration back in April, 2006, claiming to be "co-authors of all lyrics, music and performance" of a number of songs on the album, but the rocker insists he was unaware of the filing and only found out about it in 2012.

He is now disputing Andrews, Crawford and Perry's assertion that they co-wrote a number of tunes from Uprooted and wants a judge to make it clear he was the sole creator of the tracks Breakdown Conviction, Weaker Side and Keep Me Close.

In legal papers recently filed in a U.S. federal court, Daughtry's lawyer writes, "Although Plaintiff does not dispute that the parties jointly recorded the songs on the Uprooted album and are equal co-owners of the copyrights in the sound recordings embodied on the album, Defendants did not co-author the music or lyrics for the songs set forth in the copyright registration that they filed."