The Daughtry frontman will join the likes of Seal, Trisha Yearwood and Tyler Perry for the ambitious Palm Sunday (20Mar16) project, based on the final days of Jesus Christ's life and his resurrection.

The stars will hit the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana for the live TV spectacular and Daughtry, who plays Judas in the special, admits he's a little worried about the sheer size of the event.

"We've got riot police," he joked to Access Hollywood Live. "Hopefully they've got people that are in charge of those things, because we've got enough to deal with ear monitors and headsets on."

And Daughtry confesses the ambitious nature of The Passion has turned the show into a huge undertaking for cast and crew alike.

"There's so many moving parts," he said. "There's a lot going on. I'm gonna make sure I'm in my lane... and everybody else can stick to theirs."

But there's one thing the rocker knows he and the crew won't be able to control during the live show - and that's fans from his American Idol days.

"(Someone will shout), 'Hey, I voted for you' or 'You should've won!'," he predicted.