Sources tell Page Six the professional bodyguard stopped obsessed fan Jessica Robbins after she made her way past security at the Louisville Palace in Kentucky using a disguise.

Reports suggest she planned to propose to the married rocker onstage.

The FBI had warned Cornell's management that Robbins had removed her court-ordered GPS ankle monitor and had failed to appear in a New York City federal court on "interstate stalking" charges.

She used a disguise to obtain a ticket for Wednesday's (06Jul16) show and was on her way to the stage for what would have been an awkward, embarrassing, and potentially dangerous encounter with the Soundgarden star when Kirsten, hired as part of Cornell's security detail, spotted her and detained her until police arrived to arrest her outside the venue.

Cornell and his wife Vicky Karayiannis were so worried about Robbins back in 2014 they pulled their kids out of public school out of fear the stalker would harm them. The rocker claimed she posted more than 100 obsessive messages a day online, and threatened his wife's life, stating: "I forgive her, but I'm done playing games with her, she is not going to be able to hurt him ever again by the time I'm done with her."

Cornell was reportedly informed of Robbins' efforts to join him on stage and the details surrounding her arrest before he kicked off his set at the Louisville Palace, but he has yet to comment on the drama.

Kirsten dated Klum for 18 months after she split from her husband Seal. The couple broke up at the end of 2013.