Rocker Chris Cornell has rubbished recent reports Audioslave are on the verge of splitting up. The singer is baffled by the constant claims, because Audioslave will soon be releasing third album REVELATIONS. He tells VH1, "We hear rumours that Audioslave is breaking up all the time. "Even in the beginning, when we were having business problems, and we weren't necessarily going to be a band, we were still going to put out a record. We made a record and we loved it. I think that's where it starts - the idea that we sort of started on shaky ground. "You would hope that by now, putting out our third record, people wouldn't be thinking that way or be worried about it. But it comes up. I always just ignore it." Ex-Soundgarden frontman Cornell has just announced he has recorded the theme song - YOU KNOW MY NAME - for the forthcoming James Bond movie CASINO ROYALE.