Chris Cornell has dismissed reports his departure from Audioslave was problematic, insisting he left the rock supergroup on good terms. Cornell, who quit Audioslave earlier this year (07) to concentrate on his solo career, still holds bandmembers Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk in high regard. He tells MTV News, "In the world of music, we have to have a relationship, in several different ways - one, I suppose, will always be in a business way. "In terms of friendship, that has never been a question or a problem. The idea of a clean break, I mean, I only see that if everyone else dies. We clearly had disagreements about things, but it wasn't something like, 'Well, we can't be a band together because we hate each other.' It wasn't like that at all. We're all adults." And former Soundgarden frontman Cornell, who releases his second solo album Carry On next month (May07), refuses to rule out teaming up with other artists in the future. He adds, "I wouldn't be averse to doing some other kind of collaboration, but I'm best in my own world, musically. I don't see any reason or need to be in a band situation again." Morello, Commerford and Brad Wilk are reuniting with their Rage Against The MAChine frontman Zach De La Rocha for a comeback performance at California's Coachella Festival this Sunday (29Apr07).