Chris Cornell has been talking about his forthcoming solo album SCREAM and how it differs from his previous work.

Fans of the singer are used to his superlunged performances in bands such as Soundgarden and Audioslave, but the new record is much less full-throttle, reports Music Radar.

The album has been recorded with much sought-after pop producer Timbaland and songs which have recently appeared online confirm that it is a radical change of direction for the rock vocalist.

"Tim lent a lot to what I describe as sort of the psychedelic aspect of this album," says Cornell," kind of a Pink Floyd or Dark Side Of The Moon or almost like a Queen Night At The Opera-type of feel to me," said Chris.

He added that he would have thought he would be the one to push it in a rock direction, but that it was the producer's influence which "pushed it more in that direction."

Cornell was recently heard on the theme tune for James Bond film Casino Royale.

30/07/2008 10:29:59