The two actors star in drama Demolition, about a man's grieving process following the death of his wife in a car accident. It marks their third film together, their last being 2005's Jarhead and the first being October Sky in 1999, when Jake was just a teenager. Recalling the first time they worked together, Chris shared what pearls of wisdom he imparted on his younger co-star.

"He came from a family in the business and he was looking for the long haul," the 64-year-old told Britain's The Independent newspaper.

"We had many talks. (I told him) at every turn of this business, do not have regrets; it's a very competitive, tough business and you are going to be rejected so put your time in and have no regrets. I know he took that to heart because I've seen previous interviews and he's mentioned that conversation."

They've grown so close over the years that Chris sees Jake as a nephew figure, and always finds it a "delight" to work with the 35-year-old star. In Demolition, Chris plays Jake's onscreen father-in-law Phil, who is coming to terms with the loss of his daughter. The storyline was close to home for the thespian, as his son Jesse died unexpectedly from epilepsy aged 17 in 2003.

"One of the huge reasons I wanted to take on this role was because, at this age, everybody's going to lose a loved one. It's certainly happened to me," he explained.

"Scripts have come my way concerning a similar emotion and I wasn't quite ready to deal with it. (But) I so understood Phil and what he was going through that I thought, with ten years distance of my own experience, it was time to deal with it."

Chris has starred in an array of popular movies over his career, such as American Beauty, The Patriot and Remember Me. While it may seem as though good scripts fall into his lap, the actor insists they're hard to come across and he often finds himself waiting until he's "really happy" with a project before signing on.