Oh dear, Chris Brown. We may never know what was going through your head when you decided to get that new tattoo on your neck. In case you haven’t heard yet, Brown has been inked recently, with an image of a girl’s face on his neck. The disturbing part, though is that the face looks scarily similar to the images of Rihanna> that were circulated, following Brown’s physical assault on her, back in 2009.

Somewhat predictably, this latest controversial move from the R&B singer has prompted an outpouring of scorn and contempt on Twitter. And frankly, some of it’s quite funny. Tom Jamieson, aka jamiesont joked “That tattoo must be wondering this morning if there’s any way it can get Chris Brown removed.” This, essentially, was a slightly more elegant version of the comment from DrunkHulk, who commented “THEY SAY Chris Brown GOT WORST TATTOO EVER! NO AGREE! DRUNK HULK THINK TATTOO GOT WORST PERSON EVER!” Jensen Karp (JensenClan88) offered another insight into Chris Brown’s decision, remarking “Why does no one else think that Chris Brown's tattoo is of Gus from Breaking Bad?” The Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, who is known for dividing opinion with his edgy comedy, provided a darker view of the situation and ‘joked’ “Turns out that Chris Brown tattoo isn't of when he beat up Rihanna. It's a flash forward to when he kills her.”

Confusingly, there still seems to be a huge number of Chris Brown supporters thinking that his latest neck adornment is just, like, the cutest thing ever and definitely a sign that the two of them are soul mates. Wonders will never cease.