Rapper/actor T.I. has dismissed reports troubled star Chris Brown has been dropped from the marketing campaign for their forthcoming movie TAKERS following his fight with girlfriend Rihanna.
Singer-turned-actor Brown is facing up to five years behind bars for charges relating to a pre-Grammys argument with Rihanna last month (08Feb09), which allegedly left her battered and bruised.
The 19-year-old was rumoured to have been cut from the promotional material for the film, previously called Bone Deep, as a result of his legal woes - but Takers producer and star T.I. insists the claims are false.
And the Live Your Life hitmaker - who is facing his own prison term for illegal weapons possession - has vowed to stand by Brown as he fights the charges for assault and making criminal threats, reports RapRadar.com.
He says, "Nah man, that cant be further from the truth. Theres no validity to that statement.
"Im a producer on the movie and I aint put forth no sort of order or request man. And personally, its very, very premature to jump to such a conclusion given that none of these matters have been resolved. No one has been tried or convicted or nothing like that. Im not going to jump to no conclusions. Im not going to. I think thats unfair 'cause thats what people did with me, and Im not going to do that."
T.I. is facing a year and a day behind bars following his 2007 arrest and is due in court for sentencing on 27 March (09).