Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have sparked a war of words on, challenging each other's finances and fans.
Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker Soulja Boy started the battle by boasting about how many Twitter followers he has compared to Brown and Bow Wow.
But Brown was quick to respond to the jibe, insisting he is more popular because he can demand more cash for his personal appearances.
In a poorly-worded rant on his personal page, Soulja Boy - real name DeAndre Cortez Way - writes, "Add Chris Brown & Bow Wow followers together and you still aint (sic) half way f**kin with me."
Brown retorted, "Souljaboytellem and bowwow what yall make in a show I make for an hour at an afterparty... jus sayin (sic)."
But Soulja Boy fired back, "If my last tweet offended you I won," before challenging Bow Wow to a chart battle when they release their new albums later this year (10).
He added, "Bowwow... f**k bank accounts. f**k followers. let's see who (sic) new album sell the most 1st week."