The now infamous Greenhouse club in New York is planning to reopen today (July 10, 2012), according to Fox News, with doubts still being cast over its long-term future following the brawl between Chris Brown and Drake that took place there last month. That fight was evidently the final straw for officials, who revoked the club's license to sell liquor after claiming that it was one of many fights to have broken out at the night spot.

The city shut down the club but agreed to reopen it under stricter security measures, however the club has remained closed until now because the State Liquor Authority has revoked its liquor license. That's something the club aren't happy about, saying that the decision has effectively put it out of business - we'd argue that not being to control its clientele has actually done that - and so is taking its case to court. It was thus agreed yesterday that whilst the club waited to hear their final fate over their license, it could open again. A statement by the venue said it was glad to be getting its 250 staff back to work. ''We will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers,'' they said in a statement

It could yet go doubly wrong for the Greenhouse though, after French international and NBA star Tony Parker claimed he was going to sue them for $20 million, after getting shards of glass in his eye from a glass bottle during the scuffle between Brown and Drake.