So what do we think? Is Chris Brown ’s tattoo of Rihanna or not? In case you haven’t already heard: Brown – a man who was convicted of battering the Barbadian singer in a sustained attack the night before the Grammy Awards in 2009 – has revealed his new ink. It depicts a battered woman.
The detailing in the tattoo closely resembles the shocking images of Rihanna used as evidence in the trial against Brown. Sources close to the Billboard star tell that any similarities are “purely coincidental,” explaining, “It’s a random woman,” though we’re convinced that Brown could have saved himself plenty of aggravation by simply getting a different design: a nice butterfly, some roman numerals, anything but the battered skull of a woman who resembles Rihanna. Nevertheless, the ink has understandably caused outrage, with The Guardian’s Jane Atkinson writing, “The singer's body art may or may not be intended to look like Rihanna, but it does look like a battered woman, which recalls the biggest scandal of his career, and sends a terrible message.” Music critic Tim Jonze joked on Twitter, “Chris Brown's tattoo makes me think of Bill Hicks on Ted Bundy: "And I'M the one not getting laid?” while stand-up comic Joe Rogan tweeted “Chris Brown now has a tattoo of a battered woman on his neck. The end is near, folks. Stockpile water and bullets.”
So there you have it folks. Chris Brown has gone and done one of only things that could possibly make his critics hate him that little bit more.