As the ongoing saga between Chris Brown and fellow star Drake becomes more drawn out with each passing day, you could be forgiven for forgetting that Chris is actually a singer and still has new music to bring out from time to time.
Fortune is the fifth album from Brown, and is currently doing the rounds around critic circles. The general consensus from reviewers is that Brown should stick to making the headlines in other ways, as the album is nothing more that disposable, generic pop that, as one reviewer for the Chicago Tribune puts it: "is pure-pop candy cane, meant to be enjoyed, consumed and forgotten. " Featuring guest spots from Sabrina Antoinette, Big Sean, Kevin MCCall, Sevyn, Wiz Khalifa and even celebrated New York rapper Nas (!), Brown's record still apparently fails to sound remotely credible. One of the least scathing reviews, from the All Music Guide, describes the album as being "saved from being a disaster" by the production talents of the Runners, Adonis and Kevin MCCall.
However this brief break away from the heaped scorn is soon drowned out by comments such as "Fortune is never terrible. It just feels cripplingly pointless" (Bbc) and perhaps best of all, from the Chicago Sun-Times; "Chris Brown's new album not a parody, but it sure sounds like one".