We're not entirely sure what Chris Brown was trying to achieve when he popped into his local tattoo parlour to get inked with his latest item of body art. If his intention was to create one giant 'facepalm' reaction on the internet then he may well have achieved his aims. Photos of his latest tattoo have started to make their way across the world wide web, with many commentators voicing their incredulity at the fact that the image he's had etched on his neck looks disturbingly like the image of a beaten-up version of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna: the girlfriend that he was once arrested for assaulting.
It's hard to say exactly what the image is and perhaps the pictures show the illustration in an unintended light but frankly, once someone has pointed out exactly how much the sketch looks like a picture of a bruised and battered Rihanna, it's very hard to imagine that it is anything else. TMZ report that they have seen photos of the singer dated August 30, without the tat and then the earliest photo with it appears to be from September 1, 2012 but sources "really close" to Chris have told them that any similarities to Rihanna are pure coincidence and that it is just "a random woman."
Perhaps we'll never know exactly who or what the tattoo is supposed to be. It hasn't taken long for pictures of the image to spread online, though and for the disapproving commentary to take over social media sites like Twitter. We reckon Chris needs to get booked into a laser tattoo removal clinic, quick sharp! It won't be long before he starts regretting that one, surely?