The legal team of singer Chris Brown have requested access to police files to discover how a photograph of his girlfriend Rihanna was leaked.

A picture showing the Umbrella star with bruises and scratches on her face was leaked online shortly after Brown was arrested for allegedly attacking her in February.

The Forever singer has pleaded not guilty to felony assault likely to cause great bodily harm and making criminal threats and his attorneys are attempting to find evidence of police misconduct in a bid to have the charges against Brown dropped.

Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos told E! News last month: "The leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regards to outrageous governmental misconduct."

And in a motion obtained by the Associated Press news agency, Geragos claims the photograph was sold to celebrity gossip website by a Los Angeles police department officer.

"The purpose of the leak was necessarily for profit and to vilify Mr Brown and poison the potential jury pool," he added.

Geragos has also filed motions for access to the personnel files of 25 LAPD officers and employees who handled the case in a bid to discover evidence of police misconduct.

The motions are scheduled to be heard on May 28th.

Court documents reported in March revealed that Brown is accused of attacking Rihanna after an argument broke out over a text from another woman.

He is said to have tried to force her out of their rented Lamborghini, hitting her head against the passenger window and punching her in the face.

The alleged incident took place hours before the Grammys awards, with both stars cancelling their appearances at the event.

08/05/2009 13:38:29