Chris Brown may be prosecuted over his fight with Frank Ocean.

The rival singers were involved in a brawl back in January after Frank was accused of blocking Chris' car from leaving Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles and despite previous reports the case had been closed, the 'Turn Up the Music' hitmaker is still under a criminal battery investigation, according to website TMZ.

Despite Frank, 25, not pressing charges against the singer, the Los Angeles County District Attourney's Office's file is still active and the incident could be named at Chris' probation review hearing later today (10.06.13).

Chris is still on probation after he beat ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and is also being investigated for an alleged hit-and-run incident which took place in Beverly Hills last month.

He was reportedly never worried Frank would press charges against him after the confrontation, and the pair are said to have put their ''misunderstanding'' behind them.

A source previously said: ''Chris was never worried about anything going down or having to go to jail over what was a misunderstanding.

''He was never worried and there's always two sides to every story. Just because Frank stayed there and talked to police doesn't mean anything. It's all good.

''It is what it is. It was a misunderstanding and Chris respects Frank and all. This was some petty s**t that was blown out of whack in the media. Everything that you think you heard didn't even happen and Chris and Frank know that. That's why Frank just let it go.''