R+B singer Chris Brown is facing legal action from a set designer who claims he was not paid for his work on the star's current U.S. tour. Designer John Troxtel - who works for RedMonkey Pictures - is suing Brown and his promoter CBE Touring for more than $1 million (GBP500,000) in damages after filing a breach of contract suit against the two parties in a federal court on Christmas Eve (24Dec07). Troxtel - who has created concert sets for stars including Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson and 50 Cent - claims he was paid for some of his earlier set designs, but not for "extra work" that was "required and requested". The additional labour included "the creation of animation" which lights up the stage as Brown makes his entrance onto the stage, according to the legal papers obtained by TMZ.com. He also alleges an oral agreement had been made with CBE tour manager MACeo Price for payment, but was not honoured by the company when he later invoiced them for the work. Troxtel has filed a number of other claims in addition to breach of contract, including unjust enrichment and unfair business practices.