Singer Chris Brown spent three months perfecting his moves for his role in upcoming dance movie Battle Of The Year: The Dream Team.

The R&B star made his feature film debut in the 2007 dancing hit Stomp the Yard, but he admits his latest acting project was much more challenging and required weeks of practice with an expert.

He tells U.S. radio station Power 106, "I've just done a movie called Battle Of The Year, it's like my first actual break-dancing movie that I've done. It's not just regular, conventional dancing - I really had to learn. I studied with a B-boy (street dancer)... he taught me for three months straight. I'm not arrogant and I like to learn! I don't know everything, there's always something to be learned."

The Look at Me Now hitmaker is hoping to sign up for another Hollywood role after an upcoming tour, and was thrilled when he was linked to the forthcoming big screen adaptation of saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

He adds, "I heard that (rumour)! I read the book, I think it'll be dope. I know the character's white, so I know a lot of people (might say), 'That's not true to the book! Not true to the book! Why Chris? Come on!'"