R 'n' B singer Chris Brown is reflecting on the pre-Grammy Awards incident involving Rihanna, his dad has said.

Clinton Brown told People.com the 19-year-old was "very remorseful", adding: "He's very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna is] OK."

Brown was released on a $50,000 (£34,000) bail last weekend, having been questioned over an alleged assault involving his girlfriend Rihanna.

"This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation," Mr Brown said.

"Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip."

He added his son was taking some time out to get his thoughts together and "regroup".

Reports suggest Rihanna was left needing hospital treatment following the incident involving the pair.

Brown has since seen his contract with chewing gum firm Wrigley suspended and he is also no longer billed to appear at the NBA's All-Star Game events.

14/02/2009 10:55:38