Chris Brown believes "women are gonna be around" when he is ready to start dating again.

The 'Run It' star - who was convicted of attacking ex-girlfriend Rihanna in February - says he won't have a problem finding a lover when he wants one.

He said: "My whole dating thing, I've been kind of chilling. I mean, I'm Chris Brown. I'm not saying it like that, but, it's like, girls are gonna be around.

"I love women. But I would say definitely I've just been chilling. I haven't really been trying to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody. I've just kind of been working on me."

Chris has to stay at least 100 yards away from singer Rihanna for the next five years, following his violent attack on her as they were driving away from a pre-Grammy Awards party.

In September, he started 180 days of community labour, 12 months of domestic violence counselling and five years probation.

The 20-year-old insists he is "definitely remorseful" for the violent attack and hopes the public believe him.

Chris - who releases his new album 'Graffiti' in December - previously said: "The steps that I've taken to show that I'm sorry probably have been perceived wrong. At the end of the day, I'm definitely remorseful and it's not something that I take lightly or think is under the rug. I really think it's something that is a serious matter and I'm learning from it."