Chris Brown originally offered to pay $100 to a valet, before later lashing out when he was charged $10.

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' hitmaker was furious after he left PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, California, where he had attended a charity event, to discover he had to pay a service charge for parking at the venue, despite offering to pay $100 when he first arrived at the venue.

A source told E! News: ''Chris Brown arrived with his entourage in two vehicles. He spoke to the attendant and requested VIP parking. He told the valet he would pay them $100. The valet told him that wasn't necessary, that each car is $5. He did not give them $100.

''When he came out of the event after 20 minutes they charged him $10 for two vehicles. He got aggressive because he felt like he was there for such a short time that he didn't need to pay. The valets didn't get involved in the altercation, they just told him they'd hand the keys over when he paid the $10.''

While the valets stated they couldn't release Chris' car without the payment, the singer was still against the fee and was seen surrounding one valet with a group of friends, telling the employee: ''F**k 10 dollars''.

Even after one of the singer's group offered to pay, saying, ''We got the money ... don't worry about it,'' the 23-year-old star refused to calm down.

Speaking in a threatening manner, he told the valet: ''We gonna turn this whole thing on out.''

When Chris and his group walked away, he could be heard shouting something sounding like: ''Funk ass 10 dollars.''